Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Duma's favorite thing (next to eating) is to run around the backyard. She jumps and pounces around and still loves chasing feet.

She has started biting shoelaces and pants legs, something I'm trying to work on with her. It's hard to train her to not chew when she's so excited that she doesn't pay attention. But I'm trying to teach her to have a soft touch when she uses her mouth.

Her first big accomplishment was learning to get up and down the (2) stairs on the deck. The stairs were scary at first and she would get her front feet up, but couldn't figure out how to get her back feet up. Then, a couple times when she was running from the deck towards the yard she misjudged and took both stairs in one jump, collapsing and hitting her chin on the ground where she landed. But she got right up, un-fazed, and kept running around, like this:

On house-training, she's doing pretty well so far. If I take her out every hour or two, she will go right when she gets out, so she seems to know that the yard is the spot to go. But she's had a couple accidents, so I never leave her alone in a room (unless she's in her crate). She's also taken a liking to my slippers and shoes...another reason I can't leave her alone!

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jdawords said...

Is this a camera trick, or are her paws HUGE? She might become a serious bigdog.